​“I would like to recognize Bill Cox - PM supporting the Technology portfolio. While continuing to successfully manage delivery on his two large dialer projects, he volunteered to take on Gail McDougald’s three projects while she is out for a couple of months recovering from knee replacement surgery. Bill seamlessly transitioned onto Gail’s projects with very little turnover time and has maintained delivery momentum and project compliance across all of the projects -- while learning Agile Scrum methodology and becoming a Certified Scrum Master.”

                                                                             Harry Kalebjian - Director, Project Management, Capital One

“Bill took over as a PM on Atlas project when it was at an extremely critical stage. He came up to speed very quickly. He was great with following through on tasks. Particularly, he was extremely helpful when we were setting up the DR server. We had a change in approach and Bill helped the team in expediting the solution by leveraging his relationships with the right folks to find a physical server that could be re-purposed as DR server. This helped with moving things rapidly and also helped with timely close-out of DR related tasks.

Bill is a great team player and he interacts excellently with others. I have enjoyed working with Bill and I look forward to work with him on more projects in the future.

Bill is very professional, collaborative and treats others with respect. I hope to see him continue to push himself even more to take himself to the next level to prove his capabilities.”

                                                                             Archana Bhakkad - Sr. Application Developer, Capital One

“I have worked with Bill on the COAF Windows 7 project since September. Bill took over this project midstream and quickly came up to speed and effectively began driving delivery. During that time, I noted that Bill is willing to assist wherever necessary. He is consistently responsive and maintains a clear focus on the customers’ needs and expectations while delivering or driving results. He effectively demonstrates the ability to discern when to probe for further understanding and when to push back encouraging others to reevaluate the situation.

Bill is extremely customer and results focused, which are two important competencies required of a Project Manager. Bill’s technical knowledge has proven beneficial to driving the COAF Windows 7 project.

Bill works closely with the local and enterprise teams to coordinate application remediation and deployment plans for COAF. This includes close collaboration with the enterprise PMs.

Bill has been proactive in initiating necessary escalations providing the necessary context.”

                                                                             Beverly Ann Schneider - IT Manager, Capital One   

“Bill is the best project manager I have worked with at Capital One. He has a good understanding of the many project manager, project engineering and implementation processes and who the accountable and responsible parties are for getting work done. He runs efficient, timely meetings and stays focused on the tasks at hand without distraction and is a creative problem solver. For example, a last minute design change of the DR solution on the Atlas Re-platform project endangered missing project closeout dates. Bill suggested trying to find an existing server in storage instead of incurring a long delay building a new physical server. A decommissioned server from inventory was built and the project met its timelines. Although this required an intense team effort to pull off, it would not have happened without Bill’s initiative and leadership. The project closed on time.”

                                                                             Philip Malone - IT Manager, Capital One     

“I am currently working with Bill on the Windows 7 project, which he joined as the primary Project Manager in September.

A few strengths I immediately noticed is his ability to manage difficult conversations, and also his ability to negotiate during challenging discussions. This skill-set has been valuable during the numerous discussions regarding resource constraints, navigating Enterprise process, and linking the efforts between various teams.

In addition, Bill truly cares about delivering a great experience to end-users and customers. For example, in COAF we have begun upgrading the first business group (Business Risk Office - BRO) to be selected for Windows 7. However, Enterprise has not been clear on many aspects of the deployment for BRO. Bill continues to work tirelessly to get Enterprise to provide the information they are accountable for and facilitate the overall situation.

Another characteristic not found in many other PMs is Bill's desire to understand the technical aspects of various situations/tasks. This enables him to understand, and also better participate in, a variety of IT/technical discussions.”

                                                                             Andrew Kevin Lieu - Sr. Business Systems Analyst, Capital One       

“I interacted with Bill for several months working on the Aspect eWFM migration. The initial cut over date for Retail Bank was late 2012 but the migration date was pushed several times due to multiple challenges and finally migrated in April 2013. The beginning stages of the project, managed by a different PM, were disorganized and lack communication from a customer’s perspective. Other challenges with the project were IT related that caused multiple delays.

The challenges Bill had to overcome were no small undertaking. To start, Bill assumed the role of PM for the project half way through the project. When Bill assumed the PM role, he had to learn the details of the project and reassemble the pieces to drive the project forward. Bill kept the project on track and followed up with all respective task owners to ensure items are completed by target date. If delays occurred, Bill ensured all LOBs were informed and aware of the delay and risks. Bill worked diligently when IT challenges occurred and met with key players to work on resolutions as quickly as possible. Bill called risks and always provided clear and concise status updates on a weekly basis. He followed up on all aspects of the project to ensure a successful roll out for each LOB (technical issues, training, documentation, contract, budget, etc.).

Many thanks to Bill for all his hard work and due diligence in the Retail Bank eWFM migration.  Bill demonstrated strong teamwork and results focus to drive the successful migration for Bank.”

                                                                             Annie Love - Sr. Process Manager, Capital One

“Bill and I worked together on a minor Firewall change for Cenveo. Bill operated as the Project Manager and I fulfilled the role of a Customer since the work related to the Direct Portfolio, which I manage. In the short tenure of the project, I observed the following strengths:

Bill was very keen on wrapping up the project in a timely manner. He distributed the deliverables and set and drove an expectation of when the deliverables needed review or approval. We were able to complete the project and Bill did a good job in driving the team to a successful completion.

Bill did a very good job of keeping folks from multiple organizations in the loop. This project included individuals from Verizon, IT Portfolio, and an external vendor: Cenveo. Bill organized recurring meetings and provided timely communications to all parties.”

                                                                             John J. Toth - Business Systems Consultant, Capital One

“Bill has been a key driver of the eWFM 7.4 Upgrade project. There were many successes that we accomplished due to the hard work of Bill.

With Bill leading the project, the eWFM Upgrade team was accomplished two successful LOB eWFM migrations (Card, Bank) that went extremely smoothly. Bill was key to working through the numerous road blocks we encountered, including firewall mods, server backups, and working through the timing of the LOB migrations.

Bill scheduled and held regular team meetings, keeping everyone informed on the project's activities. Bill led project team meetings, technical team meetings, and LOB team meetings, ensuring that the proper parties were invited and participating.

The eWFM upgrade project involved multiple teams (Wintel, Oracle, SQL Server, Firewall, Networking, Vendor) to complete the environment set-up. Bill managed the activities across all of the teams and helped the team by leading through numerous issues with the eWFM servers, connectivity issues, coordinating with multiple LOBs/stakeholders, scheduling of migration dates.

Bill was always available and focused on working closely with the project team to accomplish the goals. Bill was a dependable partner in all of our activities. I enjoyed working with Bill and would look forward to working with him again.”

                                                                             Richard J. von Schmidt-Pauli - Master Business Systems Analyst, Capital One        

“Bill was a very important part of the ATLAS team and I look forward to working with Bill on future projects.

Bill joined the team at the end of the ATLAS project, however it did not take long for him to get engaged and without Bill’s contributions the project would not have succeeded. Specifically Bill was instrumental in organizing the DR system. He coordinated the procurement of the server as well as coordinating the installation and setup. I look forward to working with Bill in the future.”

                                                                             Shawn N Houshmand - Master Application Developer, Capital One

“I have had the pleasure to work with Bill on several Home Loans projects. His professionalism, applied experience, expertise, and effectiveness are characteristics of a successful Project Manager which makes him a valuable asset to the company. As the project developed, Bill demonstrated strength in his ability to follow-up, quick responsiveness, and pursuit of doing the right thing.”

                                                                             Judith R. Urena - Principal Systems Coordinator, Operations, Capital One 

“Throughout both the Direct Sales Dialer & Dialer Migration Projects, Bill worked efficiently and effectively to achieve critical outcomes. He was able to focus on the important pieces and help drive them to completion.

Job Specific Skills: As a PM Bill did a great job taking action to overcome, avoid, and mitigate risk. Any risk discovered were overcome and work through quickly by Bill and the teams he managed. He also did a wonderful job taking over projects and getting them back on track and finished. I know of several projects [for which] Bill was brought on to get them back on target. Bill was successful at delivering and completing them.”

                                                                             David Michael Forston - Business Systems Analyst, Capital One      

“I enjoyed working with Bill on the Dialer and eWFM projects. He is a great team player. These complex projects involve several teams and he does an amazing job in keeping the team together and responding to situations and keeping the entire team informed. He has lived the values by demonstrating high degree of professionalism in managing these projects. He is quick in pulling smaller groups together for solutions and very prompt in follow ups. He has excellent written communication skills.”

                                                                             Sangeetha Asokan - Sr. Testing Specialist, Capital One        

“Bill is success oriented, a natural problem solver and a strong leader. I look to him for honest and constructive feedback and he is always willing to participate in what is required to ensure his projects are well managed, in compliance and issues and roadblocks that arise are addressed in a timely manner. Overall I have had a pleasure working with him and supporting his projects.

I have had the pleasure of working with Bill over the past 2 years. He is a dynamic, experienced Project Manager who is detailed oriented, results focused and always on top of his game. He is willing to do what is needed to ensure improvements in project and solutions delivery processes are addressed and is an advocate for his team and colleagues. Bill would be successful in whatever endeavor or path he pursues.”

                                                                             Ianne E. Smith - Sr. Process Manager, Capital One

“Bill was the lead telecommunications analyst in our recent corporate move. Because of Bill's diligence, conscientiousness and experience, he was able to implement the new telecommunications system with minimal service interruption. He not only did this with minimal assistance, but he saved the corporation hundreds of thousands of dollars by utilizing existing hardware and rebuilding various switch components, plus upgrading software releases.

The reason I highlighted this event is because Bill was able to demonstrate his Program Management capabilities and managerial expertise when working on a major implementation in today's environment. He also demonstrated his knowledge of telephony and the keen knack for getting things done through the resources provided to him in his most recent challenge.

Bill is one of the most dedicated individuals I have ever had the privilege of working with. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.”

                                                                             Sam K. Nainoa - Sr. Mgr, Network/Telecom, Western Digital Corporation           

“I have known Bill to be a friendly, professional and very conscientious person. Along with working full time, I find it quite admirable that [he] has been attending a university in the evenings to earn his degree.

Bill also served in the role of trainer for a new employee. He proved to be an excellent role model and part of a strong technical support team for our customers.”

                                                                             Lynn Thompson - Vice President, ICF Communications Solutions     

“In July, the Customer Support Center (CSC) of C&DP was relocated from Building 683 to TC17. The CSC was out of business for six working days, and a total of eight days in all. The CSC phone system was inoperable for two and one half days.

The recent relocation of the CSC from TC17 to Building 606 was scheduled for last weekend, [and] to be down for two and one half days...the move was completed as scheduled over that weekend and was down for two and one half HOURS! Minimal problems occurred, and those that did occur were resolved quickly and efficiently.

A big part of the credit belongs to Team Centrex and especially to Bill Cox [who] was responsible for all the technical work.

Many thanks for a super job.”

                                                                             F.C. Smith - Supervisor Computing Customer Support, Hughes Aircraft